About Ana

Ana Salazar

Ana and her team are dedicated to giving you personal attention on your big day. With more than 14 years of professional experience Ana knows how to make you look beautiful.

The entire team continues to advance their techniques and knowledge by continuing their education in the industry. If it’s something new in makeup and hair – Ana knows about it.

The Team

Mavely Escalera

Mavely Escalera

Mavely is a PaulMitchell graduate. She has been in the industry for over 4 years. Mavely has been part of Hair and Makeup by Ana for 3 years. She loves the industry and what is has to offer, but her biggest passion is hair color. She enjoys coloring hair and is eager to try new techniques. Mavely is also our bridal coordinator and salon manager, so if you were planning on booking your wedding with Hair and makeup by Ana, Mavely would be the person you need.

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